Monday, April 16, 2012

Opportunities in the 46th Legislative District

To all of our 2012 candidates and campaigns,

We would like to let you know about three opportunities to get your message in front of our members and the voters in the 46th Legislative District.

The LD Caucus Call will be mailed out to close to 320 Delegates and Alternates elected during the Precinct Caucuses on April 15th.  This will be published this Wednesday, so opportunities are limited.  We will be publishing an updated version for the 28th, however, so please keep this in mind through the month of April.  Don’t forget, the LD Caucus will be on April 28th at Ingraham High School, and all candidates asking for our Endorsement in May are welcome to stop by.

The Demogram is our monthly newsletter, published online as well as printed for our members who have asked for a paper copy.  We have around 400 members at this point, but the Demogram goes out to around 1,000 people directly.  This is an ongoing opportunity for all candidates, endorsed or not. Once we’ve endorsed in a particular race, however, advertising in the Demogram is limited to endorsed candidates..

The prices for the LD Caucus Call and the Demogram are on the Demogram page at the very bottom.  Here is a link:

The third opportunity is our 2012 Primary Election Guide. This is what is delivered door-to-door by our Precinct Committee Officers to the voters in our district.  In 2010, we printed 10,000 and it had a significant impact on many of the races.  The Election Guide is what we provide to our PCOs for purposes of “dropping” lit.  Individual fliers will not be distributed by the 46th Democrats to PCOs, although PCOs and volunteers from your campaigns are of course welcome to distribute your own literature in our district on their own.

Ad space in the Election Guide is limited to Nominated and Endorsed candidates, and we try to make this budget neutral to the 46th and affordable to campaigns by pricing the ad revenue equal to the printing cost. Our research and history with this format demonstrates that this represents a significantly lower cost to your campaign than traditional lit dropping of individual campaign flyers, and it also helps our organization grow by presenting a strong list of candidates.  Part of the Election Guide is a sample ballot that is very popular to help our voters go from the top to bottom of the ballot with our endorsed and nominated candidates.

We’ll be in touch immediately following the Endorsement meeting on May 24th with the price list for the various ad sizes, so if you plan to ask for our endorsement please have your ad ready to go so we can get them printed and distributed on time. The ad copy deadline for our Primary Election Guide will be the first week of June.  Just for clarity, we print one Election Guide for the Primary Election, and another for the General Election.  Advertisement copy is transferable between these two, but will need to be purchased separately, as our budget for each depends on that specific election.

You can see a PDF of our 2011 General Election Guide here (

Ad Formats

For the Demogram and LD Caucus Call, the format we use to publish is Microsoft Publisher. Ads should be in .pub or .svg formats. Second best is a high-resolution, non-compressed .jpg. or .gif graphics format. Other formats are possible with enough lead time.  

For the 2012 Primary Elections Guide, all advertisements should be submitted in high-resolution .pdf format in the precise size purchased.

Please consider these opportunities carefully!

Please let us know if your campaign is interested in taking advantage of any of these opportunities.  Ad revenue helps us with our budget and enables us to fund our operations, help our endorsed candidates and also help our brother and sister Legislative Districts around the state.  The 46th is a strong district, and with your help we can have a significant impact on the upcoming elections for Congress and the State Legislature.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Chad Lupkes, Chair (

David Miller, Elections Committee Chair (

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