Friday, September 18, 2009

General Election Literature Distribution Plan

Regions will remain the same as the primaries though some organizers will change.

All PCOs are invited to a literature bagging party to happen on Sunday, Oct. 4th At the Greenwood Senior Center, 525 N. 85th St.

Literature will be collated for all precincts at a lit distribution party on Sunday, Oct 4th from 1:30-4:00 pm. This is a volunteer party, not a pick up party. All PCOs are encouraged to attend as those attending can receive only the lit they wish to carry. Everyone who attends will help collate all precincts.

Candidates are requested to provide 15,000 pieces of lit to cover precincts with PCOs. Campaigns are also requested to provide one or two volunteers or staffers to the party on the 4th. These people will be in charge of counting out bundles to match the number of doors in a given precinct. There will be no advanced drop off of lit so the lit should come with the volunteers to the party.

All precincts with PCOs will be collated first, followed by empty precincts.

We are targeting likely voters who are likely or strong Democrats. If any PCO would like to doorbell every door, please contact Jason Sawatzki and/or Chad Lupkes so we can make sure that the quantity written on the bag during the collation has the number you need.

PCOs will be asked to walk their precinct by Sunday the 18th of October

At the October general membership meeting we will be asking for volunteers to pick up empty precincts. ROs will help check out precincts by region.

Anyone walking a precinct should email or call their RO when they have finished it. ROs will contact all PCOs and volunteers who haven’t confirmed the week of the 19th of Oct. ROs will then submit a list of precincts that were confirmed to be walked to the District Chair.

Anyone wishing to return extra lit or pick up more lit can go to an ongoing exchange from Oct 5th through the 11th from 11 am to 9 pm at Sylvia Haven’s Garage at 10418 12th Ave NE.

All campaigns are requested to pick up whatever additional lit from Sylvia by Tuesday Oct 27th.

Extensive analysis will be done with the election results, to determine the overall effect of our canvass.

At our Holiday Party we will be presenting awards to the PCOs and volunteers who did the most effective jobs delivering turnout as well as votes for our endorsed candidates.


Chad Lupkes said...

The original plan was to print 21,000 pieces and hit a targeted list in every precinct. We're reducing that to a more achievable goal of trying to get every precinct with a PCO walked. You can help by volunteering!!

Chad Lupkes said...

We returned all the campaign literature back to the campaigns the weekend after our General Meeting on the 15th, earlier than we initially intended. This was because of the number of bags we had left over, well over 50%. Can we brainstorm on how to make this process work better in future elections?